Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekly feature - CampbellJane

I'd love to welcome CampbellJane to my blog. This post is about featuring her etsy shop for

Art Originals Prints Folk Art with a Contemporary Touch

Here are my favorite paintings:
Campbell Jane is a full-time artist. Painting & creating a colorful whimsical world of works for both of her Etsy shops. ~Recent Gallery Exhibitions~ Marco Fuoco Gallery, Sacramento, CA May-July 2010 Sacramento Bee, Sacramento, CA May 2010 Tangent Gallery, Sacramento, CA March 2010 Coffee Garden Gallery, Sacramento, CA Dec 09 Marco Fuoco Gallery, Sacramento, CA June 09 Cafe Refugio, Sacramento, CA Feb 09 Tangent Gallery, Sacramento, CA Nov 08 Marco Fuoco Gallery, Sacramento, CA Nov 08 Coffee Garden, Sacramento, CA Dec 08

Have a great week,


  1. Two of your three pictures are not loading right now, but after looking through this shop I must say I really like the nature inspired paintings! They are quite beautiful and I love the bold colors the artist uses!

  2. The photos in your post still aren't loading. :( But, CampbellJane's shop is great!

  3. Hello, it's strange. They are opening on my computer. Which browser are you using?
    Sorry CampbellJane's!