Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lucky to be featured ot blogs

It's great feeling to be featured on wonderful blogs.
Two for one day .... can't image it's true. Thank you etsy friends.

First featuring is by Alexander's Designs.
Alexander's Designs jewelry is hand made by a husband and wife team. Their materials including pearls and semi-precious stones are hand selected to insure their quality and beauty. You can wear their line of jewelry with confidence knowing that it is a unique piece of art, well-made and not mass produced.
Blog featuring, If you want you can read more HERE

RedRubyonFire Shop is for one of a kind, handmade jewelry. Their creator do not intend to make anymore in the same design.

Fans of Purple

Special edition featuring for Fans of Purple. I may make Purple as my blog color. I love it, and will continue posting handmade beautiful creations. I make a short selections of Etsy sellers who have wonderful purple items. This is a whole brunch of accessories and a very unique bird toy. All image titles are links to the full items descriptions.

Needle Nosies- Knitting stitch markers

Skinny Purple Scarf soft and warm 50 Percent SALE save 21 Dollars

Grey and Purple Felted Wool Purse Upcycled

Purple barbie shoe earrings - sterling silver earring hooks

Big Toy Bird. Purple

I wish you shiny weekend! And lots of bright ideas and emotions!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I am included in a wonderful treasury called Purple and What. I hope will make the front page on etsy.
If you like it, come and leave a comment here:

This is my featured item:

Unique Double Cowl Black Purple Pink Hot January Collection

Thank you


Her wonderful shop is called

NightLady's Shop Handmade Accessories, Brooches, Head Bands, Cuffs

Crazy about PINK

I love PINK, so I searched in etsy community for lovely pink handmade items.
Here is my choice. I hope you like it. All of them are so sweet!

Valentines Day Korker Hair Bow

Pink Morning 8.4x11.7 (A4) Fine Art Print

Recipe Box - Mom Vintage Inspired Cook

Pink Passion Bracelet

Pink Shiny Hand knitted ladies scarf

Pink Jewels and Blossoms Earrings

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where You Can Sell Handmade Staff

I was searching for online markets where I can sell my staff. Etsy is wonderful place but I would like to have more choices. So here is a summary of what I found. - NO listing fee, 5% commission for sales. They are expecting to include listing fee this year. There are 3 language options. Seems more popular in Europe. -3% commission for sale and NO listing fee. - I am not sure about that - there is a free account NO fees, but there is also a paid account for 7$ per month including add and promotion. This site is new, but it seems for me very reliable. I will try this one. - unluckily it's only for US crafters , because you need Amazon Payment account. - NO listing Fee, NO sale commission

DO you HAVE shops outside etsy? If you like post your link.


I am included in a wonderful treasury called undiscovered. I hope will make the front page on etsy.
If you like it, come and leave a comment here:

Thank you


Her wonderful shop is called Chic and sylish handknits
And very interesting blog:

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Valentine Day Items Featuring

St. Valentine day is coming. I picked some Valentine items made by very creative Etsy sellers.
Aren't all of them so LOVEly. They bring me very positive thoughts and good mood. When I am staring at all these red love creations I feel more relaxed and joyful. Enjoy yourself!

Valentine Red love scarf - hand knitted HOT January Collection Free Shipping

vintage paper wreath crown heart art and sheet music petals valentine serenade

What I like about you. Vintage red glass hearts and oxidized sterling silver earrings.

Candy Kisses Toddler Valentine Dress 2T/3T

Origami Panda Valentine Card


Hearts and Cookies Coffee Huggie (Coffee Cozy)

Picasso Jasper Pendant with Copper Wire wrap

I wish everyone true love and a good person next to you!

New HOT January Collection

I've just added new winter scarves on my etsy shop .
They are all warm and very soft. I have listed two hand knitted scarves specially for St. Valentine's day. I hope these scarves will bring their owners warmness, joy and love. Feel warm and style.

Do you like them?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Some of my favorite etsy items and crafters

A will show a short list of items and crafter's etsy shops, that inspire me. There are so many talented people over etsy community, so I am wandering what makes me happier - selling or meeting new friends. When I opened my shop I haven't expected to meet so many interesting people, who I want to share creativity and time.
Here some of them:

Moonlight Earrings

6' Recycled Paper Garland

Sweet Bird Necklace on a turquoise leather cord accented with shell disc beads

The Hummingbird Treasures Totebag

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hot New Scarf Collection

I've just listed my new scarf collection. It's as hot as possible. Yesterday I finished my recent project, and today we made a photo session to picture them.You won't see someone wearing the same scarf as these, because the yarn is specially made in Bulgaria, Europe. The factory is positioned in small town, under the mountain. Fresh air and beautiful nature all over it.
What do you think?
Links to scarves (in order of picturing):

Forest Green Winter Scarf Hand knitted soft and cozy

Pink Shiny Hand knitted ladies scarf for winter

Silken Forest Hand knitted ladies scarf for winter

Please Help me give them better names.
Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Featuring my Warm Hand Knitted Baby Sleeveless Slipover

I suggest you some info about Jessica:
"I am an American living in Switzerland. How lucky am I? I moved from Los Angeles Ca. to Switzerland in Nov. 07. My lungs didn't know what to do with all the fresh unpolluted air. I have a store on Etsy called Belles Mademoiselles which in french in case you don't know means beautiful youg ladies. Many people call my girls belles mademoiselles, and that's where the name came from. I also have a few other stores one on Dawanda called Le Petit Papillon. I opted for another name just for fun, now I kind of regret it, it's a pain in the but to buy banners, ads, tags etc. but ohwell. I am also a member of the get eurofied and european street teams on etsy."

You can also check her etsy store:


Thanks Jessica

Monday, January 4, 2010

Morning Coffee

Good morning,
Today I am inspired to show you my "Holiday Coffee". I love to make a big cup of cappuccino morning, but not every day I have the time to spend over it. It depends of the mood of my baby. Today I was lucky, while my little daughter was exploring her "jungle" of toys, I make my favorite cappuccino.
1. Coffee
2. Milk foam
3. Cream
4. Love and positive energy

Sorry for not good quality of the pictures, but it was early and it was hardly to open my eyes.

Have a good day, and spend some peaceful minutes while drinking your coffee.