Tuesday, October 5, 2010

TooMuchOfAGoodThing Handmade Cards, Altered Notebooks, Headbands, Frames


this week I am featuring Too Much Of A Good Thing etsy shop for Handmade Cards, Altered Notebooks, Headbands, Frames.

Directly from Leyla:

I'm Leyla. Etsy is my new favorite thing...along with my husband. We were married fall of 2009 :) We live just south of Portland, Oregon.

About my shop...I love making greeting cards with handmade envelopes and people seem to like getting them. Problem is, I make more than I send so they stack up in a drawer. Maybe you'll like them?

Same with my crochet projects. I've been crocheting since I was 12 and I manage to give away almost everything I make but after a while, people start getting tired of getting scarves for Christmas and dishcloths for birthdays. I'm a big fan of cotton yarn and you'll never catch me using 100% acrylic yarn.

I'm sure new crafts will show up on here sooner or later. At least I'll have an excuse when my husband gets mad at me for spending ridiculous amounts of money at Michael's or Craft Warehouse..."But babe, it's for my Etsy shop!" Think it'll work

Melvin the Monkey Amigurumi Doll by Too Much of a Good Thing on Etsy

Monogram Initial Personalized Polka Dot Note Cards by Too Much of a Good Thing

Gerald the Giraffe Amigurumi Doll

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