Tuesday, August 31, 2010

featuring Kirameku-handmade jewelry to pieces of art.

Pleasure for me is to feature this etsy shop for handmade jewelry to pieces of art. It's name is Kirameku (click to see the shop) .

Some words directly from the artist:

" As a student in Arts, creativity is the center of my life. Inspired by nature and different cultures, I create as much as possible life full, colourful and original pieces. Color always makes people happy, so to bring forward more happiness into one’s life, I wanted to share pieces I’m proud of. I hope that you’ll love them, because I do… ! ^_^ As for my shop’s name, it’s actually a Japanese word to describe the shine of the ocean and the diamonds. I thought it fit the shop so perfectly, because, I go crazy for everything that shines ! Little plus, Kirameku tries to be as Earth-friendly as possible, choosing from post-consumed paper to recycled materials. Last, but not least, special thanks to my friends, family and boyfriend who supported and helped me all the way in the process. Love you guyz ! 0_-٭٠ە●○◦ ْ٭٠ە●○◦ ْ٭٠ە●○◦ ْ٭٠ە●○◦ ْ٭٠ە●○◦ ْ٭٠ە●○◦ ْ٭٠ە○ Maxime, female. Born in Québec. N’hésitez pas a me contacter en français ! :P

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ْ٭٠ە●○◦ ْ٭٠ە●○◦ ْ٭٠ە●○◦ ْ٭٠ە●○◦ ْ٭٠ە●○◦ ْ٭٠ە○

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Here are my favorite creations of Kirameku

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