Tuesday, September 28, 2010

vintage and more Wayfaring Magnolia on Etsy

Hello, This week I am featuring Wayfaring Magnolia on Etsy . You can find here from buttons to vintage and Jewery. Here is a little something directly from this crafty etsy seller Amanda. Enjoy!

"Hey There!

I'm Amanda and I love LOVE love art, music, fashion and life! I am trying to teach myself to design clothing and any other crafty skill I get inspired by. Don't be surprised if my shop changes often, my interests change often, everyday I find something new that inspires me. I just graduated from Michigan State so I'm a small fish just trying to find my way in the big ole world.

I currently work as a professional musician/gypsy wherever people want to hear me sing. I try to write songs but am pretty timid about people reading my writings.

I'm always open to talking to fellow etsy peeps for possible business or collaboration. So please if you have any questions or anything please contact me. I'm just starting to get serious about all of this and would love any comments or new friends :)"

Set of 14 green buttons


  1. The pictures are hiding under your sidebar. I was able to click on them but they aren't immediately visible.

    The prom dress is really cute.

  2. I like the dress too. too bad that I'm bigger than the dress, haha