Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Feature ConduitPress

Hello,this is my weekly feature. My guest this week is

I love this shop, so unique and creative work. Worth to check it out and why not buying :)

Here are some words directly from this talented etsy seller :
"My name is talia and for as long as i can remember i've Loved, absolutely adored, making things. It started with crayons and photographs and eventually morphed into books, painting, stamping and who knows what else.
My hope is that this store represents myself in a way that nothing else can (except my children and family). i look forward to my growth as an artist here, and in sharing that art, and my life, with you. Visit my art BLOG at for most recent creations and diatribes.
And my Flickr page for more photos of my art; to sell or not to sell of course;)"

Thank you for looking and come back again.


  1. great items! I really love the leather journal.