Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hot New Scarf Collection

I've just listed my new scarf collection. It's as hot as possible. Yesterday I finished my recent project, and today we made a photo session to picture them.You won't see someone wearing the same scarf as these, because the yarn is specially made in Bulgaria, Europe. The factory is positioned in small town, under the mountain. Fresh air and beautiful nature all over it.
What do you think?
Links to scarves (in order of picturing):

Forest Green Winter Scarf Hand knitted soft and cozy

Pink Shiny Hand knitted ladies scarf for winter

Silken Forest Hand knitted ladies scarf for winter

Please Help me give them better names.
Thanks for looking!


  1. Wow Nevita, these are so pretty. Great photos.

  2. Very pretty scarves - love the pictures. I hate being cold but I might have to try taking my pic outside too!!

  3. These are just beautiful! I bet they are soft!

  4. Thanks, I hope for saling them.
    Shooting outside was cold. But still fun.

  5. I just love the red one! Very very pretty! would be amazing for Valentine's Day...don't ya think?

  6. Yes, definitely great for Valentine's day. Thanks