Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas was Knitmas

Christmas is gone. There was no snow for Christmas, I am waiting it for New Year's Eve.
Happily I used the wonderful weather for outside knitting and making some pictures. I was doing men winter scarf. The final result is great, it is soft and very warm.

Do you like the landscape in front of the house?
Behind my back is positioned Plovdiv, second biggest town in Bulgaria. Knitting in fresh air is very positive and relaxing, also gives me a lot of energy and good mood.
As I am looking at this picture I can't stop staring into the clean blue sky. It's unbelievable that the picture is taken Dec 25, usually in Bulgaria there is a lot of snow.
What do you think about the picture?


  1. Fantastic photo! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog! I am following you now - would LOVE your return follow!

  2. By the way - I love that poll thing - that is so fun!

  3. Thank you Sweet Harvey, your cakes look really sweat, it's worth to follow you :)

  4. Great picture! Who took it? I think the landscape looks a bit barren... If you want to see some snow you should visit my blog. Lots of snow here in Colorado.

  5. It is a beautiful picture, and a beautiful view. Such a peaceful place to knit.